Why is it necessary to take health insurance? Keep these special things in mind before buying

health insurance

There has been a change in the mindset of the people regarding health insurance and its importance has increased after seeing the era of Corona.  Through this, the cost of treatment of your disease is reduced and the person who buys it also gets income tax benefit.

Amidst the outbreak of Corona Pandemic, awareness has increased among people about buying health insurance.  But still many people stay away from taking it thinking that they do not have any disease and will not happen, in such a situation the money spent by them in taking the policy will go waste.  But he has to bear the big brunt of his thinking when he suddenly becomes ill and he has to pay a huge hospital bill from his own pocket.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance has become a big necessity in today’s time.  Actually, this is the type of insurance that you can claim for your medical and surgical expenses.  Simply put, the expenses for hospitalization and medicines during illness will not come from your pocket.  The insurance company will bear this entire cost according to your policy.  This is, in fact, a guarantee from the insurance company to bear the heavy expenses that occur when the policyholder falls ill or is hospitalized due to an accident.

How insurance works

Generally, insurance companies providing health insurance have tie-ups with major hospitals, so that cashless treatment can be provided to the insured. However, if that insurance company does not have an agreement with the hospital, then it reimburses the policyholder the expenses incurred on his treatment on the basis of bills. The government is also continuously promoting health insurance while giving the facility of income tax deduction.

Why is health insurance necessary?

How taking health insurance can prove to be beneficial for you and your family. If you are an insured, you can avail cashless treatment while the insurance policy also covers pre and post hospitalization charges up to a period of 60 days depending on the insurance plans purchased. It also covers the cost of an ambulance for the transportation of the insured. The insurance policy also provides the option of health check-up. At the same time, the premium paid under it is tax deductible under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

How to choose health insurance

While taking health insurance, the biggest problem arises that from which company it would be right to take the policy. So before taking an insurance policy for this, some important things should be considered. According to your need, you can also choose such a policy which covers your entire family. Do check the claim settlement ratio of the insurer. Check the list of network hospitals given in the policy thoroughly. Make sure that your policy covers both cashless payment and reimbursement.

These documents are needed for the policy

Age proof, Identity proof, Address proof and Passport Size Photo are required among the important documents you need at the time of taking health insurance. You can take Individual or Family insurance according to your need. Apart from this, for senior citizens, you can take a policy for surgery and other serious diseases.

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